Curating yourself in social learning spaces: adding value

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I was having a long conversation yesterday afternoon with someone who is just returning to work after five years away, raising children. She was pondering on how to ‘get’ Twitter, how to do somethi…

Aleshia Clarke‘s insight:

My sister refuses to use social media, but she allows my niece to use it unsupervised. Not only is that dangerous, but it is also a lost opportunity to interact within her daughter’s social life. This is particularly important to a single mom who works overtime to make ends meet. It doesn’t require a huge time commitment; just having a "presence" on Facebook would be sufficient. I feel that my niece is not getting "enough" of her mother. Perhaps she would be less prone to create online drama if my sister was there listening in and guiding her. 


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Empathy, Misbehavior, and Developing a Conscience

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Nancy Eisenberg’s article on helping children develop their natural tendencies for empathy touches on issues addressed in three or four of my pieces in this column in the past five years. Though the columns in question have addressed empathy in a variety of ways, the thread is the same: there are actions—easily accomplished actions—we can take in our schools that can help children grow up with a disposition to be aware of others and sensitive to their needs.

The “king” of empathy studies and translating them to the public is Martin Hoffman, whose book Empathy and Moral Development (Cambridge, 2000) is a valuable resource for educators and parents alike. Certainly Hoffman would agree with Nancy Eisenberg’s eight suggestions in this newsletter (he cites her research at several points in his book), but the action he clearly stresses above others entails pointing out the consequences of actions and trying to understand others’ feelings.

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Social unrest: a point of view

The emotions of fear and frustration on a chronic basis are eventually followed by feelings of discouragement and anger. People who lack appropriate social supports, coping mechanisms, and protective factors are unable to function very well in a society.

~ Aleshia Clarke

Corporate workplace: you don’t own me!

I really hope this idea gains momentum:

RV living is a great alternative lifestyle choice for freethinkers! What a difference it has made for our family to “unplug from the grid” of a typical 7am – 9pm nonstop action lifestyle. My job nearly killed me, and my normally mellow husband was turning into an impatient, cranky type A personality. We chose an alternative lifestyle as full-time RVers after our kids grew up, and we have not regretted a thing. We still work in a variety of capacities, but nobody owns us anymore.

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Using Social Media to Preserve the English Language

This is a guest post I wrote on Lorraine Reguly’s Blog:

Using Social Media to Preserve the English Language.

I would love to hear the opinion of fellow writers.

Isn’t it time to grow up?

It has been one week since the Boston Marathon bombing. Here in my little corner of central Florida, we have had at least 5 bomb threats called in to authorities. Do they think it’s funny to tie up law enforcement, and to keep neighborhoods on edge with these stupid pranks? I’m beginning to agree with my husband in regards to these juveniles. Maybe mandatory military service for all 18 year old’s would cure them of their boredom. If nothing else, they would learn a little bit of self control and self discipline.

These are the type of young adults who brag about how tough they are on social networks. They have three main ambitions in life: look tight, gain followers, and score big. Frankly, I think they are the epitome of stupidity with a group think mentality. They only way I would “respect” them is if they clean up, man up, and parent up.

Speaking of parents; I wonder how ANY parent would condone this thug life mentality. I don’t care if you were 12 when your bundle of joy was born, but you have a responsibility to raise him or her to be a productive member of society. Your purpose in life is not about keeping your sexy going, so do your job and grow up yourself!

Teens turn lens on ’shocking’ poverty

These kids did an outstanding job describing the issue of poverty in Detroit and the U.S.

Teens turn lens on ’shocking’ poverty.

Internet giant “Google” donates millions to create hotline

Google – YOU ROCK!

Internet giant “Google” donates millions to create hotline – Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston

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