The Knockout Game


There is a new “game” among the teenage crowd that is spreading in popularity across the US.  Called the knockout game, the primary objective of the “game” is to deliver a single blow to an unsuspecting pedestrian to either knock the victim down or render the victim unconscious.  You earn more points for the latter. Typical (easy) targets include:

  • the elderly,
  • people with disabilities,
  • women,
  • young children.

What in the world would make any teenager think this behavior is “fun” and “okay” to take part in?  Having wracked my brains, I cannot fathom why anyone other than a mugger/thug would do such a thing.  Conversely, these youngsters don’t rob their victims of cash or jewelry.  They just want to get the points and win the “game.” This is not an isolated phenomena; in fact, it is spreading like wildfire on both coasts.  Is it really possible to believe that the parents of these kids are completely clueless about their offspring’s violent behavior?  I doubt it. It is my personal opinion that:

  1. the parents are mostly absent from the kids’ life, and they just don’t care (neglectful),
  2. the parents encourage the violent behavior and express pride in their “tough kids,”
  3. the parents are abusing their kids, and their kids respond by acting their rage out upon the innocent,
  4. the parents and their kids are both completely out of touch with reality due to either low intelligence, substance abuse or both.

We have a crisis folks; one where any of the four above scenarios comes into play.  How we got to this point is debatable, but more importantly, we need to make our way out of it.  Our culture is becoming more blood-thirsty each and every year.  Think about that statement – then ask yourself what is happening and how it can be stopped.

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